Auto Repair Insurance

Every day your garage or auto repair business is faced with oil leaks and busted transmissions. However, you are also faced with numerous risks to your business, property and overall success. While it may be impossible to mitigate every risk, a good auto repair insurance policy is the one thing you NEED to protect yourself from those little things that can go wrong.

Purchasing insurance for the auto repair business is a big deal. You will likely need several different types of insurance to make sure you are properly covered. That’s why it is important that you work with an independent agent—instead of trying to do it all yourself. Not only will an agent be able to help you find the right coverage for your business, but he or she will help you find the best deal too.

So, as a garage owner, what types of insurance might you need to protect your business? A few of the common types include:

  • Business Property Insurance – This is the policy that protects your building and equipment from fire, storms and other damage.
  • Garagekeepers Insurance – When your customers entrust their vehicles to you, it is important that you are protected—just in case something goes wrong. This is the goal of a good garagekeepers insurance policy.
  • Garage Liability Insurance – While you run a safe and secure establishment, it is important that you have protection for the “what ifs.” A liability insurance policy makes certain that you have backing if something does go wrong that you would be liable for paying.
  • Auto Insurance – If you or other employees will be driving as part of the business, a solid auto insurance policy is key..
  • Workers’ Comp Insurance – Protecting your employees is important to you and them. If someone is hurt on the job, you know that your employees’ needs would be met and that you would not have to pay out of pocket.

Plus, depending on your unique needs, you may have other requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the types of insurance coverage available or if you would like to begin the process of putting together a garage insurance policy to protect your business, give us a call or contact us today. We look forward to helping you!

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