Affordable & Easy Trucking Insurance Solutions

Whether you have a small trucking business or a large trucking firm with a fleet, you need a well-rounded, comprehensive commercial trucking insurance to mitigate risks and save money. There may be hundreds of insurance policies out there, but you need to find the right coverage to meet your exact needs. What’s more! A single insurance policy may not be sufficient for you to get properly covered and moreover you also need to know the best deal to cut down your growing expenses. It is here that an experienced insurance solution provider can be of great help, as he or she will give you the much needed advice required to crack the best commercial trucking insurance deal at the most affordable rates. Let’s now look at the different types of insurance truck owners are entitled to:
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – This type of insurance is best to save the owner from possible negligence lawsuit filed by the injured employee with actually ‘no-fault’ of the owner.
  • General Liability Insurance – This insurance protects owners from claims made due to damages caused to property, people, or business processes and to equipment like tractors, cranes and forklifts.
  • Primary Liability Insurance – It provided safety against legal obligations arising due to possession, maintenance, or use of a covered truck. You are also entitled to get paid for any physical injury or property damage for which the insured is responsible for and to bear all legal defense cost.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance – This insurance will cover your cargo in case it is damaged due to an accident, disaster like fire or due to inappropriate loading.
  • Physical Damage Insurance – It provides coverage to trucks in case of an accident, repair or replacement costs due to an accident and repair or replacement costs in case of over-turning of the automobile.
  • Commercial Crime Insurance – It is important to protect your company from any possible chances of theft, fraud or such other types of crime resulting from employee deceit and more. This is the goal of crime insurance.

Besides, depending on your specific needs, there are other types of insurance policies to buy.

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