Why Choose Raleigh Bartlett?

While you can, of course, purchase insurance directly from the insurance companies or you could use another agency, we are sure once you understand what Raleigh Bartlett does that you would never choose to purchase insurance any other way. 

Since we have connections with over 50 different insurance companies, we can give you the most options and the best prices. Additionally, since we don’t work for one particular company, we are focused on getting you a great deal and superior insurance—not making a sale. We also take advantage of high-end technology. Our system allows us to input your information once and immediately get quotes for many different insurance types from around 20 companies in less than eight minutes. Technology like this saves you time—and we know that business owners are busy! You may not immediately realize the benefits we can bring you, but the huge number of companies we represent may come into play when you start looking at a renewal. Have you ever gotten that renewal notice and found that your rates have increased dramatically? We can quickly run your information through our proprietary system, and we will likely find you better rates—and perhaps even superior insurance. It is always our goal to obtain you the best deal both now and in the future. 

Another benefit of working with Raleigh Bartlett is our customer service. When you call us, you will talk to one of our knowledgeable agents—not someone in a call center based in another country. In fact, all our clients have a direct line to the owner. If you have a question, and we don’t already have a way to solve it, we will find an answer.